I went vegetarian for a week! That’s what happened!

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Climate change is in full swing. Many people are taking action and trying to live as sustainably as possible. This includes living vegetarian, as it reduces factory farming and reduces the CO₂ footprint. For this reason, I decided to go vegetarian for a whole week and now I want to share from my experience with you.
Disclaimer: I know, of course, that a single person cannot stop climate change or reduce factory farming by going vegetarian or vegan. I am only reporting my family experience here.

The beginning

All beginnings are difficult, as the saying goes, but for me it wasn’t like that at all. Due to the large selection on the table, which I can enjoy as a German (which I appreciate very much), there were of course vegetarian things on the table, such as vegetable spread. There was also cheese on the table, but I still preferred the vegan cheese. It was just hard for me not to eat my favorite salami, because it tastes very good. However, I was able to control myself very well and wasn’t too sad not to eat it since I knew why I was doing it.

The middle — first difficulties

The experiment went very well and I was able to eat very well without meat. But once when our grandmother invited us for dinner, we had stew that also had meat in it. Unfortunately, I forgot to say that I’m a vegetarian this week, so it’s also my fault. I was very lucky that someone in our family has been eating a vegetarian diet for quite some time, which meant that an extra portion was made for them (and there was some left over for me, thankfully). So I was very lucky that there was something left over, but I overcame that hurdle as well.

The End

Until the end of the experiment, it wasn’t hard to go vegetarian. The last two days, as the experiment neared its end, I wasn’t necessarily looking forward to eating meat again. The experiment was coming to an end, but then something interesting happened.
For the first two days after the experiment, I unconsciously didn’t eat meat. I automatically ate vegan dishes.


In the meantime I ate meat again, but it was not that I missed it. It was delicious, but not overwhelming now. I was able to learn a lot from this experiment: it’s not hard to go vegetarian, you just have to want to. I will definitely eat less meat in the future, yet not completely give it up.
I can recommend everyone to do this experiment as well, because it is worth an experience for yourself.

You want to see more self-experiments from me? Then follow this channel! I post new results of experiments of mine every week. For example, I will learn how to draw, trade stocks correctly or play poker. Also I will do challenges like showering cold early every morning or drinking 2 liters of water a day!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day!




Hi! I’m Tomic and on this channel I write about self-experiments I do, how I realize them and how it went. I would be very happy if you join me on this journey!

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Tomic Riedel

Tomic Riedel

Hi! I’m Tomic and on this channel I write about self-experiments I do, how I realize them and how it went. I would be very happy if you join me on this journey!

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